Surveys Pick Best Places To Live In Uk With London Area Guide

These days we have too many surveys coming out with surprising results on matters like ‘good places to live’ in a city or a country on the basis of certain defined parameters. In the UK, two such surveys threw up some findings showing a bearing on the concept of how we define a locality in terms of its happiness quotient.

One survey that listed the best places to live in London discussed the issues of the capital city. Hope is that the new list will find its way to the London City Guide after Londontown dot com painstakingly put together top 10 places to live in London.

It is hoped that the places listed will zoom in the popularity charts of Area Guide London.

Hyde Park
Maida Vale
Notting Hill

Yet another survey on a national scale conducted by Rightmove Happy Home Index, probed people in areas where they lived on the basis of

Home (Investment, pride, well-being, costs)
Community (recreation, safety, neighbourliness)
Property (Space, decor, contentment and value)

They declared that the highest score of happiest residents went to Harrogate in North Yorkshire.
Though Harrogate did not individually rank high on any of the 12 measures, it gave a spirited performance on safety, recreation and neighbourliness.

Harrogate is the Winner

Rightmove director Miles Shipside says: “Harrogate's top position demonstrates the web of factors that makes for a happy place.

The top-ranked places reflected a healthy balance of confidence in the value of homes.

Unhappy parts of London 

But the irony was that the survey also traced 9 of the ten unhappiest places in the city of London. The unhappiest was East London followed by Croydon in east central London and Ilford.

Director Shipside blamed the element of unhappiness in parts of London to aspects like crime, costs of running homes and neighbourliness problems.

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