Using pocket-sized travel guides to read and explore recommendation

Are you a kind of freak folk always curious to roam around the places for fun or for any research purpose? Well, whatever the reason is, having proper understanding of a new place is essential, especially when you are a first timers or having no understanding of localities, attractions, routes, culture, and people of that area. 

However, being a smart roamer, you are always prepared with some helpful items to have the safe survival at such places. Sometime, you carry books, make notes or keep in touch with the friends and associates to get guidance at every moment. But, among all other options, travel guides are also preferred to be the better option.

They are the perfect options to read and explore the recommendations. Such baby-sized, tot type of guides can freely fit in your jeans pocket and backside receptacle of your backpack.  You won’t feel like carrying a sack with you. Unlike heavy sized traditional guides, these are rather easier to carry and hold almost all the details and information about your favourite city. Let’s take an example of a renowned city, London. Getting the list of the all the London attractions in one go will seriously save you from a headache. From lifestyle to accommodation options, hotels to bars and other attractions, you will have comprehensive and up-to-date details.

Don’t just plan your tour, make a master plan. 

Before initiating your tour, make sure you don’t just plan but have master plans. These guides will never let you feel like a guest visitor but you will have all the details what local people have. You will be aware of everything from weather conditions to road maps and other nooks and corners. 

You can get full of info along with some amazing eye bubbling photos and nifty travel tips. These are ideal for a real profound looks at the areas you will be accommodating. The beauty of these guides is that, the information you get to grab never goes out of date. You have the fresh and accurate details that help you a lot during your dream trip. 

Benefits of using travel guides 

With the help of travel guides you can easily travel around without any schedule or timeline. However, the condition is that you must carry expert guide published by an authentic and reliable agency. You can prefer lonely planet and other portals that are renowned to publish authentic and accurate guides with proper amount of information without any sort of hassle. 

It’s not just about the attractions, locations and map but you can also get help to ensure that you are not cheated by shopkeepers and taxi drivers, and acts as a disincentive to people who might otherwise bother you, such as beggars and street vendors. You can also keep yourself on the safer side when undertaking adventure activities such as trekking, safari trips, mountain climbing, scuba diving and white-water rafting. These guides are familiar with the topography and local weather conditions and aware of danger zones, and many other factors that are skipped from your eyes. 

So next time when you plan any tour, make sure you carry these guides to get assisted throughout the journey.

All Set for London’s World Naked Bike Ride on June 14

The London edition of the Naked Bike Ride will be held on June 14th, Saturday. The city will join in full force for the unique bike ride where bikers will be riding the streets wearing nothing except their helmets and shoes. In 2013, the naked protest ride had a participation of 3,000 bikers.

This ‘naked ride’ will take place in 74 cities spread in 17 different countries. What is interesting is that despite the butt-baring bike evokes strong reactions among a few sections of people they are actually espousing a novel cause to create awareness in the city.  

This unconventional World Naked Bike Ride evolved as a protest against car culture and oil dependency found in all cities. For over a decade, the World Naked Bike Ride has succeeded in raising people’s awareness about the harmful impact of motor vehicle gases on the environment.

Celebration of Bicycle 

The organizers dismiss all reactions against the naked bike ride as exaggerated saying that the ride has always been peaceful, imaginative and fun filled as a form of protest against oil dependency. They also claim it as a perfect celebration of the bicycle as well as the glory of human body.

Normally this bike ride brings the capital’s traffic to a halt. For a smooth functioning of the bike ride event of 2014, the organizers have put in place some valid preparations. A large of volunteers will be out in the streets to manage the crowds and to assist WNBR in marshalling various race start points across the city.


Most of the participants at this World Naked Bike Ride use the 'Boris bikes' available on hire. Setting off from locations such as Marble Arch, King’s Cross, Clapham Junction, Regent’s Park, and West Norwood the bikers will converge at the Wellington Arch in Hyde Park.  So enthusiast can get ready with the tyres of their cycles pumped and a mindset to drop the trousers in a jiffy.

Stay in London 

You can watch this interesting world naked ride live by visiting London. There is no need to worry about the cost of stay as there are so many short let options available other than hotel rooms.

Short stay serviced apartments in London is very popular because they provide a home like privacy and comfort including the self catering facilities and ample space to relax. Most of the serviced apartments are in central locations closer to leading London attractions and quite economical.

Choose the Summer Outdoor Activities in London

If you are a Londoner and still undecided as to how you want to spend this summer here are some ideas that will offer you some exciting outdoor activities.

Somerset House: Go to Somerset House. This is a hotspot as the summers make it come alive with all splendor with its neoclassical edifice on the Strand and lovely courtyard. It attracts all with its open-air gigs and films and in winters it is crowded for ice-skating. During summers London city’s most eclectic film programmes will be there.

Bandstand in Northampton Square: London's open spaces always had charming bandstands. In 2008, Thomas Muirhead and Ian Sutherland floated the hosting acoustic gigs. For cultural trips, you can try regular gigs starting in May and going on until October with at least 20 bandstands active in Northampton Square and Islington.

Opera in Holland Park: Unlike other opera that conjure up frenzied people and places the Opera in Holland Park is totally different. The OHP stages performances in the west London Park under a canopy with 1,000 people seated there.

Bird-watching in Barnes: Think of a short travel to the London Wetland Centre for some bird-watching especially the migrating species such as ospreys. Free guided tours are available in the morning and evening.

Alexandra Palace: For essential summer city breaks Alexandra Palace is always best. It may not boast of the biggest golf course yet its 10-hole pitch gets rave reviews. A short picnic means you can take home produce from the Sunday farmers' market and have nice view of St Pauls, the BT Tower, the London Eye, the Gherkin and Canary Wharf.

You can also enjoy some short breaks on the People's Palace where a boating lake, rose garden and deer enclosure are very enchanting. The regular alfresco events include wonderful fireworks on Bonfire Nights.

Swimming at Brockwell Lido: London's outdoor swimming pools known as lidos exude great charm. Though not part of the Top 10s the Brockwell Lido in 1937 and in 2007 is a real marvel. There is a poolside cafe which starts the day for breakfast and doubles up as a bar and restaurant in the evening.

Rollerblading in Battersea Park: In England Battersea Park is perhaps the most fascinating. It gives the most stunning views of the Thames. There is an art gallery by the lake and a zoo for children. Explore it with skates. The skates happen on Saturday mornings in groups with the Japanese Peace Pagoda as the starting point.

Kayaking, West Reservoir: From a travel point of view Green Lanes may be traffic-choked at times, especially the road leading to Enfield. But the great Turkish restaurants are an unmistakable pull and the patches of watery heavens are great for water sports. Get the free kayak sessions at the Castle Canoe Club on Tuesdays and Sundays.

Parkour in Westminster: It is UK's first managed venue covering an area of 700 sq m site and be packed with walls, railing and platforms Leap is a platform to hone skills for the veterans as well as beginners.

And if you are on vacation with family or friends, then you must be looking for an accommodation where you can plan your days to enjoy summer vacations. Here are some affordable short lets in London and nearby areas. Enjoy your holidays with loads of FUN!

Explore Alternative Travel Accommodations to Cut Costs During Travel

For travelers getting the right accommodation in accordance with their budget is the barometer of success in any enjoyable trip. Besides the traditional options of Hotel and holiday homes there are so many alternative options in travel accommodations that include small hotels, local hosts, renting a house and snagging a couch. 

Alternatives to Hotels

It is for you to make an informed choice of these options. With so many choices in front of you it may be a bit hard to choose the option on where to stay during your travels. Most people opt for hotels without exploring other alternatives available. The alternate accommodation options for your vacation will be worthwhile. Already luxurious serviced apartments have emerged as an alternative to hotels. The good news is that travel accommodations are plenty if you are a little imaginative as discussed below.

Hostels for Backpackers

Even in London travel, Hostels are a popular choice for backpackers. It is an economical choice for those travelers who do bother sharing their personal space. This cheaper option provides a bed to sleep in a shared room that may be co-ed or gender based.

If you are lucky you can even find a semi-private room with a semi-private bathroom. The shared bathrooms, bunk beds and small hostels will become free in lieu of the part-time work at the concerned hostel if the backpackers are ready to volunteer. 

Bed and Breakfasts

There are homeowners who rent out bedrooms for travelers with private rooms which may be private bathroom attached or sharable with other guests. The breakfast will be served in the bedroom or in a shared dining area. This is good for young couples looking for one night stop during a road trip. These bed and breakfasts avenues are well-kept and also serve as a great source of information on local attractions.

Local host accommodations

A traveler going on a pilgrimage or mission trip can avail local host accommodations which are the cheapest form of long-term accommodation by the locals. For Europe bound travelers, the option of staying at a monastery or convent will also work well. The costs are drastically cheaper and the proximity to local attractions compared to hotels make it more lucrative.

Couch Surfing 

Couch surfing has already attracted 3 million people already. It is all about finding someone willing to offer their couch for a few nights and get information on the local spots. Its risks are in the choice of the surfer/provider after reviewing their credentials.

Rental Car 

A rented car will keep you mobile at your own pace. It also offers the option to sleep in the rented car after parking in a nice neighborhood and snooze away. This one has no perks such as showers or breakfasts but it will give you a sleep that is not expensive. It is the cheapest option considering the fact that you are paying for it on a daily basis. It cuts the big costs of booking a short-stay apartments in London.

Eat Well 

In this alternative mode of accommodation, eating well should not be a problem. So look for places where hot breakfast is available. The word hot is important as anyone can offer coffee and pastries but the good ones will have waffles, bacon and egg. If the breakfast is good you can settle for a lighter lunch and save good money.

If the vacation stretches far beyond a week it is ideal to look for a place with a kitchenette to  cut down costs as that will save money one you are cooking your own meals instead of eating out every day. So visit the closest supermarket immediately on your arrival and get the provisions.

Now you will need a place to do your laundry especially if you have packed light or are traveling with children. In this case, make sure that you carry a bit of your own detergent from home and have lots of loose change with you.

Why You Must Plan and Prepare For Your First International Business Trip

A foreign business travel can be exciting. But at the same time when you do it for the first time it can be a bit stressful. The tension comes mainly because of the anxieties of traveling to a new country and the need to conduct business also.

There at least 5 things you should know as essential travel tips before making your first international business trip.

Get a medical checkup

Get a medical checkup before you travel internationally. It might be a bit scary to away from home by thousands of miles and feeling sick and be admitted in a foreign hospital seriously. So make sure to make an appointment with your physician and get a check up before you travel. Do talk to your doctor about your travel plans and have the vaccinations up-to-date.

Plan the Travel Itinerary

Plan well your international business travel itinerary in advance. Write down all key information such as details of your flight information; the airports you will be using; hotel reservations done: and the location with the time schedule for all the business meetings.

Do some research so that you can plan ahead and be clear as to where you are going for each activity in the itinerary. If you are planning to drive yourself,  update about the traffic laws in the host country to make sure you are on the right side of the law.

Packing the Essentials 

Since the business trip will take you thousands of miles away from the office, it is important to have packed all the business essentials for the meetings lined up. Never forget the laptop and its power cord for the presentation.

In the Smartphone, pack extra batteries and a universal charger. If there is uncertainty about Internet access, bring your own mobile Internet device such as the T-Mobile 4G Internet mobile hotspot.

Plan the Travel Itinerary

While traveling alone or with peers it is important to create an emergency list carrying important contacts who can be contacted in the event of an emergency. It may contain the names and contact information of immediate family members such as wife, parents, siblings, or any other important person. In the list you must include medical issues, if any and the list of medications you may be taking at present.

Learn the local language

There will come occasions to communicate with locals in a foreign country. Try to speak and understand the local tongue in case they cannot speak English. Purchasing a computer software can help in learning another language. If you are pressed for time to learn another language, a foreign language dictionary can help you or foreign language translation app in your Smartphone is also a good idea.

These tips will make you better prepared for the upcoming international business trip. It is also advisable to take some time to enjoy that place by adding some space for sightseeing in your itinerary.

When you are in a foreign country, obviously you have to make prior arrangements for your stay that must be very comfortable sans any stress. These days business travelers love to put up in short lets serviced apartments, which are well furnished and have all amenities suitable for business visitors. It also ensures lots of cost savings by virtue of the option to prepare own meals in a fully equipped kitchen.

London: A City Of Events That Become Ever Green In History

London is a happening city. You will understand that if you check out the London Guide and see the events list on sports, cinema, arts or culture every day. In fact London is one city which offers something for everyone through its events. So be on the look out for Whats on London. The city keeps you cheerful.

London is also the city where many historic moments are made. Let’s now journey back to a few years when London unfurled some historic moments in Wimbledon Tennis Tournament that is still green in the memory of people from all over the world.

One such London moment was the episode of Cliff Richard singing in the rain during the Wimbledon matches in 1996, when an uncalled for rain suddenly interrupted the game. It so happened that as soon as the rain halted the play of the men’s quarter finals the crowd got restive. In no time  Cliff Richard broke into an impromptu sing-a-long. The crowd enjoyed the performance immensely that tennis players Pam Shriver and Martina Navratilova too joined the chorus instantly.

John McEnroe’s temper: A similar Tennis related incident was when the US tennis player John McEnroe lost his temper while playing against Tom Gullokson. McEnroe was fined and was about to be asked to leave the tournament following a spat with the umpire. What followed was Mc Enroe smashing his racket on the floor.

Streaking: The Men’s final streaker in 1996 was too hard to forget. When the men’s final match was about to start, Melissa Johnson dashed into the court wearing nothing but an apron! The 23 year old Melissa was a staffer on a pizza stand in Wimbledon. She interrupted the match amidst shouts. Those playing were  Richard Krajicek and MaliVai Washington. It was a laughter riot as soon as the players and the crowd understood the funny side of the streak show.

To see any London attraction and how history being made, make a trip to London and stay at the best short stay furnished serviced apartments in London and enjoy the life in the city.

Surveys Pick Best Places To Live In Uk With London Area Guide

These days we have too many surveys coming out with surprising results on matters like ‘good places to live’ in a city or a country on the basis of certain defined parameters. In the UK, two such surveys threw up some findings showing a bearing on the concept of how we define a locality in terms of its happiness quotient.

One survey that listed the best places to live in London discussed the issues of the capital city. Hope is that the new list will find its way to the London City Guide after Londontown dot com painstakingly put together top 10 places to live in London.

It is hoped that the places listed will zoom in the popularity charts of Area Guide London.

Hyde Park
Maida Vale
Notting Hill

Yet another survey on a national scale conducted by Rightmove Happy Home Index, probed people in areas where they lived on the basis of

Home (Investment, pride, well-being, costs)
Community (recreation, safety, neighbourliness)
Property (Space, decor, contentment and value)

They declared that the highest score of happiest residents went to Harrogate in North Yorkshire.
Though Harrogate did not individually rank high on any of the 12 measures, it gave a spirited performance on safety, recreation and neighbourliness.

Harrogate is the Winner

Rightmove director Miles Shipside says: “Harrogate's top position demonstrates the web of factors that makes for a happy place.

The top-ranked places reflected a healthy balance of confidence in the value of homes.

Unhappy parts of London 

But the irony was that the survey also traced 9 of the ten unhappiest places in the city of London. The unhappiest was East London followed by Croydon in east central London and Ilford.

Director Shipside blamed the element of unhappiness in parts of London to aspects like crime, costs of running homes and neighbourliness problems.