All Set for London’s World Naked Bike Ride on June 14

The London edition of the Naked Bike Ride will be held on June 14th, Saturday. The city will join in full force for the unique bike ride where bikers will be riding the streets wearing nothing except their helmets and shoes. In 2013, the naked protest ride had a participation of 3,000 bikers.

This ‘naked ride’ will take place in 74 cities spread in 17 different countries. What is interesting is that despite the butt-baring bike evokes strong reactions among a few sections of people they are actually espousing a novel cause to create awareness in the city.  

This unconventional World Naked Bike Ride evolved as a protest against car culture and oil dependency found in all cities. For over a decade, the World Naked Bike Ride has succeeded in raising people’s awareness about the harmful impact of motor vehicle gases on the environment.

Celebration of Bicycle 

The organizers dismiss all reactions against the naked bike ride as exaggerated saying that the ride has always been peaceful, imaginative and fun filled as a form of protest against oil dependency. They also claim it as a perfect celebration of the bicycle as well as the glory of human body.

Normally this bike ride brings the capital’s traffic to a halt. For a smooth functioning of the bike ride event of 2014, the organizers have put in place some valid preparations. A large of volunteers will be out in the streets to manage the crowds and to assist WNBR in marshalling various race start points across the city.


Most of the participants at this World Naked Bike Ride use the 'Boris bikes' available on hire. Setting off from locations such as Marble Arch, King’s Cross, Clapham Junction, Regent’s Park, and West Norwood the bikers will converge at the Wellington Arch in Hyde Park.  So enthusiast can get ready with the tyres of their cycles pumped and a mindset to drop the trousers in a jiffy.

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